Past Events Information

Event Date Topic & Slides Flyer Presenter
01/2020 Digital Disruption: Top Tech Trends   Aparna Suresh
02/2020 The State of Agile Analysis Angela Wick
04/2020 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Analytics   Amy Graves
05/2020 BA Career Development   Rick Hefner
06/2020 Covid-19 Data Can Teach Us About Data Quality Michael Scofield
07/2020 Minimum Business Increments(MBIs) Al Shalloway
08/2020 Lost in Translation_3 Secrets to Successfully Communicate   Kristina Ann Albert
09/2020 Continuous Performance Testing in DevOps   Lee Barnes
10/2020 Increase productivity through Agile and DevOp blend   Pavel Azaletskiy
10/2019 SQL Query Foundations   Amod Singhal
11/2018 Business Rules   Amod Singhal