Past Events Information

Event Date Topic & Slides Flyer Presenter
08/2022 Have you ever jumped from a plane? The journey of delivering a complex project        Saby Waraich
08/2022 How to develop the BA Mindset to succeed in business analysis   Yulia Kosarenko
06/2022 12 Steps to Building Products Customers Love   Eno Eka
06/2022 Elicit and Collaborate Like a Pro!    Pamela Paterson
05/2022 Delivering Knowledge-as-a-Service for the Business Analyst   Anthony Rhem
05/2022 Value is in the Eye of the Beholder: Discovering What is Important to Stakeholders   Emily Tom
04/2022 Anticipating Organization Complexity in Database & Architecture Design   Michael Scofield
04/2022 Conflict Resolution & You   Margaret Meloni
03/2022 Immediately Improve Your Software Requirements by Implementing Visual Models   Betsy Stockdale
02/2022 Analytics Skills Assessment - Are you prepared for future success?   Robert Zacks
02/2022 Setting Yourself Up for your First Job   Pratigya Shakya Pradhan
01/2022 Software Development Pearls   Karl Wiegers
01/2022 Tips for the New Business Analyst   Michelle Krudell
11/2021 Agile Teams: Achieving Aligned Autonomy with Inceptions   Lakshmi Ramaseshan & Hadar Ziv
10/2021 Employment Market Trends: Where did all the people go?   Erin Varnado
09/2021 Transitioning from Business Analyst to a Product Owner   Greta Blash
09/2021 Real Talk    Joceyln Tan
08/2021 The Silence is Killing Us   Dave Burrill
07/2021 The CIO's Perspective   Gustaf Burman
07/2021 The Art of Selling Yourself   Urvi Purani
06/2021 Experience design in service industries, the role of technology   Cihan Cobanoglu
06/2021 The Unexpected Secret to Grow Your Career and Love your Mondays   Rebecca Le Vine
05/2021 Using Influence: Get What You Want from the Mailroom to the Boardroom   Eric Bloom
05/2021 Creating Requirements During Times of Constant Change   Pamela Paterson
04/2021 The Rise of Cyber Resilience   Guido Solares
04/2021 7 Steps to a Successful Business Analysis Career   Eno Eka
03/2021 Customer-Centric Design: Creating a product that your customer will actually value   Victoria Perry
02/2021 One Project, Many Alignments   Erika Cilengir & Yvonne Hull
01/2021 Risk Based Thinking & Decision Making   Jane E. Tierney
01/2021 Power of Branding   Pooja Sund
12/2020 Requirements Modeling made easy, the capability every BA must have   Kanwarbir "Kb" Singh Charaia
10/2020 Increase productivity through Agile and DevOp blend   Pavel Azaletskiy
09/2020 Continuous Performance Testing in DevOps   Lee Barnes
08/2020 Lost in Translation_3 Secrets to Successfully Communicate   Kristina Ann Albert
07/2020 Minimum Business Increments(MBIs) Al Shalloway
06/2020 Covid-19 Data Can Teach Us About Data Quality Michael Scofield
05/2020 BA Career Development   Rick Hefner
04/2020 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Analytics   Amy Graves
02/2020 The State of Agile Analysis Angela Wick
01/2020 Digital Disruption: Top Tech Trends   Aparna Suresh
10/2019 SQL Query Foundations   Amod Singhal
11/2018 Business Rules   Amod Singhal