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In today’s AI-driven landscape, knowledge is power.
In today’s AI-driven landscape, knowledge is power. This session delves into the practical aspects of utilizing AI and building with it, even without developer experience. We will begin by covering what studies say about the value-add of AI (both when it works and when it doesn’t). We’ll also touch on the fundamentals of AI use and security before investigating the concept of creating Virtual SMEs. This is where AI-driven agents can assist Business Analysts in the elicitation process.
Drawing from real-world success stories, attendees will leave with actionable insights to ignite their potential and drive value in their organizations. 
Key Point
  • Learning objective 1: Learn the quantifiable value for adding AI to your work
  • Learning objective 2: Understand the pros and cons of AI use and security
  • Learning objective 3: Understand and apply the concept of creating virtual SMEs to enhance elicitation through leveraging AI
Over the last 10 years, Alexander Moen has been instrumental in assisting companies in establishing entirely new processes, roles, and departments. His recent endeavors have spanned a wide spectrum, ranging from retiring legacy systems to automating processes. Two years ago, he discovered his professional home at ArgonDigital, and is a senior product manager. In this capacity, he plays a significant role in developing and deploying AI tools to augment his daily business analysis tasks. Alexander earned an MBA from UC Irvine with a strong emphasis on AI, machine learning, and data analysis. He proudly identifies as an AI nerd, constantly exploring the latest AI advancements and seeking innovative ways to integrate them into business practices